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stream basically when I'm not working or creating music. My work schedule is static so here it is :

Monday - 9 pm to 5 am
Tuesday - 9 pm to 5 am
Wednesday - 9 pm to 5 am
Thursday - 9 pm to 5 am
Friday - 9 pm to 5 am
Saturday - 5 pm to 4 am
Sunday - 5 pm to 10 pm
All my music in soundcloud
-Console : PS4 and PSVR
-Elgato HD60 pro
-Microphone SENNHEISER E815S.
-Second Microphone with set handle.
-CPU : i7 4690K *6GB RAM
-Mouse&Key : Logitech
-Monitors : My LG TV 47 inch :)
-Webcam : Logitech C922 Pro stream
-PC Controller: Logitech Xbox version
-No self commercial on chat:
Everyone is welcomed on chat by being respectful and do not put self-promoting logo commercials.
Anyone with self promoting will be blocked.
-No spam
-No racism
-No hate
Don't post links or images that promote other streamers/cosplayers, are pornographic, gore related or of malicious intent.

Banter between two people is fine, personally attacking someone is not. Respect one another, and everyone's right to privacy.

Keep the Chat and Discord clear of religion and politics.

Mods reserve the right to take disciplinary action at their discretion -I trust my mods and it's their word against yours.

Have fun! Life is too short to spread negativity.
-Just be respectful and not an ignorant!
Hi, i am [PSN] Alb-next_gen welcome to my channel!
i'm a gameplayer with broadcasting 7 days a week on PSVR and normal PS4 games through PC with overlays. I am a console player for ages. I have started from Attari 2600 and i have had almost all the consoles. In my free time i create 3D environment and character design and some music creations (songs).

1). For info about me on 3D character game designer you can search online about: LOD2DUST.

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2). For music [yllikume]( )
Warframe tennotune vol3 [Warframe on Horizon]( )

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