Streamer is offline
Sorry about being super inconsistent recently, I'm currently going through chemo and the side effects either leave me exhausted or in pain but ill try to stream when i feel well but stress isn't helping either because the doc isn't letting me go to work and that's causing all sorts of issues i hope to see y'all in stream soon!
The Beginning
Hello there! you can call me Panda. i originally started streaming on Twitch in hopes of becoming a popular streamer streaming full time as i love playing games everyday.

A friend of my roommate told me about Dlive and here i am ready to take on streaming once again and hopefully make plenty of friends, so if you are here to enjoy me either raging at a game or dominating the scoreboard while making friends in the community then we both came to the right place.

Have Fun and Be Nice,
Contact Info
Discord: Pandabearzzz#9999

Business email:
Heyo this is donation info section. While you don't have to donate, Donations provide a source of income for viewer requested games and hardware/software to help provide more content and shenanigans so if you would like to donate lemons and crypto through Dlive help but a direct Paypal link may be more comfortable (due to Paypal not respecting privacy I unfortunately do not want to disclose my Paypal in order to keep my name and location private)
First Follower:
First Lemon:
First Ice Cream:
First Diamond:
First Ninjaghini:
First Ninjet:
Note: ninjets and ninjaghinis have special stream options such as ending said stream, choosing a Raid or a possible gift code to a game or service such as discord nitro!

Highest Viewer Count: 3
Chat Rules
While I may be a bit of a bad mouth myself I must ask you to not curse too much or say things that could get you in trouble with community guidelines

Please no politics unless we are specifically discussing a subject on stream and due to policies I must ask you to not say any racist/sexist slurs or make threats/hate comments towards anyone including other streamers

Please do not self promote on my channel. Donations, Raids, Hosts and Follows will receive Shoutouts as thanks

Please do not post any links without moderator or streamer approval

First Offense: Timeout 5 minutes
Second Offense: Timeout 30 minutes
Third Offense: Temp ban
Fourth Offense: Perma Ban until Appealed through administrative vote
Plans for streaming

Although I wish to bring smiles, laughs and poggers to all Here is a list of what i want to do in the future

-I wish to create a series of game completions for you guys both on stream and as YouTube videos
-Although I am currently playing modern games and some emulated games, I wish to bring Animation, multi-stream and VR content to Dlive
Monday: TBD
Tuesday: TBD
Wednesday: TBD
Thursday: R-Type Final Completion
Friday: Available for viewer request if i have said game
Saturday: Arma 3
Sunday: TBD
Social Media
discord is up!

Currently Social media twitter, and other platforms are under development so please be patient until I can set up my account and servers for these platforms