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About Me
Hey-o Everyone My Name is Carmelo Cannavaro I'm A 21 year old Streamer and Content Creator. About a decade ago i had a lot of dreams and goals i wanted them to come true and although i haven't reached them yet or made them come true i vow to never give up on them, nor to give up on my fans or the channel my dreams/goals these are my goals and dreams that i wanted to complete, achieve and make them come true

Become an actor in movies, tv shows
Become an entertainer like comedy on a stage in front of people
Make a series, tv show, manga, anime, drawings, books
i want to do charity livestreams
and so much more

Besides streaming and creating content i am also the creator of Paper Carmelo Series ( Pilot Series) + Paper Carmelo Series on my youtube channel new episodes will be coming soon.

I also have a full time job of working in a factory but currently i am on layoff for the second time so that means i will be looking for another job my plan is to become a full-time content creator & streaming when that time comes.

I also plan on returning to streaming on Youtube and will start streaming on Mixer soon.

I am excited to be streaming on here because i love how the community is to each and every small and big streamer on here and how everyone helps out each other plus the continued growth on here is amazing i cant wait to see whats in store for dlive
1. No Bullying
2. No Self-Promotion
3. No Racist or Political
4. Everyone Can Swear (But Don't Go Overboard)
5. Don't Make Alot Of Accounts (To Just Troll or Confuse Us) p.s. if you are muted from the stream don't go and make accounts to come back on the stream
6. No spamming (Unless its allowed and its with stickers)
7. No innaporpiate stickers as well
8. No virus links or scam anyone!
9. Don't Ask For Mod You Have To Prove That You Earn Mod
10. If You Can Please Speak English When Chatting
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List of Things I Stream
Minecraft (PC) - Coming Soon....
Minecraft (PE, aka BE)
Nintendo Games
Chatting Streams
Charity Livestreams - Coming Soon....
Mobile Games
Horror Games
RPG Games
FPS Games
Support the channel and it won't cost you anything not even a dollar, quarter, nickel, dime or penny
For those of you wonder what's going on I am sorry for not being a daily stream I've been having alot of stuff going on and I have been unfocused on the streams but from now on I'll be updating my new schedule but for now I'm going to be testing which time is best to stream so here's a temporary schedule of when to know when I'll be streaming

Streams will be mostly everyday (expect for Sundays) I will be trying to stream at different times it could be 1 or more streams per day but some maybe long or some may be short but here's the times

9-12 am (streaming around those hours)
3-5 pm (possibly be streaming around that those hours)

Note: if I can't do a stream I'll let everyone know what's going on and what to expect for the next stream
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September 21st 2019 - Reached 50 Followers
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November 30th - Reached 75 Followers
December 23rd - Reached 100 Followers & Reach Our Donation Goal (2000)
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