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Hi guys here is paperozza, i'm streamer for hobby. I live in southern Italy in a small town called Taranto. Right now I am seventeen years old, so between the stress of school and life in general, I try to escape from all this while streaming. I'm a big fan of Games, Anime and Manga. Someone would say Weebo ... And he's right. so if you are proud of it, follow me in my live shows and talk about everything you want, remember that I will always be there to listen to you ;). I listen to Dubstep, Electro, D&B, Future Bass, Vaporwave and Syntwave music, if you like this music, you are welcome. In conclusion, I hope I caught your attention. I'll wait for you in live. And remember: "Always for the shelter!"
My Potato PC Specs:
-NVidia GT 740m
-Intel i5-3337U
-8 GB ram
-500 gb HDD
-250 SSD
My peripheral:
-Drevo Blade Master TE
-Logitech G402
-Gaomon S620
Obviously I don't force anyone to use this link for donations, but I need it to support myself in this great adventure that is the world of streaming. I want to be honest with you the money donated to this link will serve to improve and enhance the quality of the whole streaming environment, in particular the my PC. How could you read from my PC Specs, it's not a real gaming computer, in fact I'm trying to scrape some money from me doing odd jobs. I really need a new PC. I often start lagging while I stream, of consequence my performance in the game decreases, but nevertheless I continue undaunted.
Here is my Amazon list of components that I would like on my PC as proof of my loyalty. I apologize for the time I stole from you and I hope you have fun with me during the live show UwU.
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Enter my Discord server so you can talk and exchange opinions directly with me. Exclusive and behind-the-scenes content in real time. I will notify in advance the start of streaming on the server so that everyone is aware of the start of party B) .
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My main Social where I post photos often ironic. Yes, I am a little cringe sometimes, but be sure I make you laugh. But I also make decent posts with cool photos, so as not to fall into the abyss of the cringe.
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Here you can find my Osu user page. You can find interesting things about me, like my Osu collab with all the osu players I relate to every day. Hey ... it just seems to me or the Osu! Supporter is very cool. OK OK STOP. I didn't say anything ok ;) .
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My Facebook account is located beyond that photo. I use this account to talk quietly with people on messengers and often post memes about me >w< or meme about anime/manga, basically meme for Weebo.