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🍃 What's up! My name is Chris, but most people I game with call me Para. I've been a gamer since the days of Everquest (Neverrest AMIRITE?!), and I've given most every MMO a shot since then. These days I mainly play Destiny 2 and WoW, but I've been dabbling in Diablo 3, Final Fantasy XIV and lately a lot of Minecraft - and now I'm a full time streamer.

In my free time I'm a husband and a dad and a dispenser of loads of sarcasm. I've been a cook and a DJ and a bouncer at a strip club in my day. From Vegas to Atlanta now, I'm a full time dad and a full time streamer. So kick back, pull up a chair, and come hang out with us.

Thanks for tuning in, Hope you enjoy the stream!! 🍃

📆 Stream Schedule 📆
🔹 Sunday: 9pm
🔹 Monday: 10am (DLive Stream)
🔹 Tuesday: 10am // 9:00pm
🔹 Wednesday: OFF
🔹 Thursday: 10am (DLive Stream) // 9:00pm
🔹 Friday: 10am
🔹 Saturday: OFF

⚠ All Times listed are EST US, schedule may change or streams canceled based on RL issues or Family stuff going on.⚠

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