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About Me
Hi my name is Zara. I'm originally from England, and have been living in Germany since 2001.

I do Chat streams, Gaming, Focus Music Streams, Angel Card readings, Dowsing rods, and the pendulum as well as spirit box sessions, using many types of spirit boxes.. I'm not a medium but I am emphatic...

I am also an advocate for Mental Health.

Because the paranormal covers a wide variety of subject matter i try to present the paranormal into separate topics when i stream or upload videos, this is so people can focus in on subjects, and take in as much information as possible..

I also upload informational videos on Youtube explaining the tools we use, like the compass, emf meters, lighting for investigations, and various other explanations from a wide variety of paranormal topics, my video's also cover other unexplained phenomena such as orbs and different types of hauntings, and also providing information on different aspects of peoples expectations of what they perceive the paranormal to be.. either old school or modern takes..

I have a playlist on my channel which contain informational videos for people to learn from, especially the new people who come into the field so they can learn from facts about the basics of what the paranormal is about regarding spirits, equipment and investigations. and all things paranormal.
Some Of The Games I Play
Just To Name A Few...

Detroit Become Human
Beyond Two Souls
Call Of The Sea
Lost Ember
The First Tree
Spirit Of The North
House Flipper
Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
Fall Guys
Life Is Strange
Empathy Path Of Whispers
Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons
RCT Tycoon World

I love relaxing games, and ones that you need to use your brain. I am not really one to play shooting games.
Music Streams That I Do
Here is just a few of the Music Streams that I do,

War Of The Worlds
Kevin & Perry
Rocky Horror
Calamity Jane
Mary Poppins
Wizard Of Oz
Saturday Night Fever
Staying Alive
Dirty Dancing
Clubhouse (Clubland, MOS, Hed Kandi, Ibiza), Trance
60's, 70's, 80's 90's etc..
This is a Drama Free Zone. I DO NOT get involved in drama. My channel is Switzerland/Neutral Zone. Everyone is welcome.

If you have a problem with someone in my chat, you have 2 options... 1 Ignore them, or 2 come back another time.

You leave whatever problems you have with a person at the door.

If you have a problem with this, you can always unfollow.

My channel is about having fun, positivity and entertainment.

Anyone bringing drama to my channel, friend or not, you will be blocked !!!

NO Religion or Politics. That only creates problems. You are more than welcome to ask for positive thoughts & prayers if needed.
What I use
Acer Nitro 5 AN517-51 17 inch Laptop
Processor: i7 9th Gen
Cores: 6
Ram: 16gb
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti
Storage: 1tb SSD 2tb HDD

Webcam: Razer Kiyo
Monitor: 24 inch Samsung Curved
Diamond Painting I Am Working On
Support Mental Illness