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Hello everyone, welcome to the stream! I'm Partly Cloudy and I'm the sweatiest bot you'll ever see. Right now, my main focus is Fortnite, but I'm also a huge fan of the Dark Souls franchise, so you might see some Sekiro and other Souls gameplay on here from time to time. I also own a small gaming team called Oath!

About me personally, I'm a college student and on my way to Med School, but I really enjoy streaming, so I do this as much as I can. Being positive is super important to me, so I try to exert that in all facets of my life. I also love to help people with whatever struggles their going through, since I have certainly gone through plenty of my own. I'm a very open and expressive person, so if you'd like to get to know me or ask for advice, just drop a comment in the chat and I'd love to talk! Enjoy the stream!

***Note*** Keeping my personal life separate from my life online is pretty important to me. Because of that, I choose to not use a facecam, nor do I plan on ever giving out my real name or anything like that. If I somehow get incredibly lucky and am able to turn streaming into a full time career, I would consider doing a facecam for streams. However since this is just a side hobby at the moment, I'd prefer to stay private with that. Thank you :)
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