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You may give Tithes and Offerings here:$shadilay777 Disclaimer: Here we believe that ALL men and women are made in the IMAGE of God, or Imago Dei ... We do NOT condone racism or bigotry, and will not allow it here. We also believe in big R God given RIGHTS... which means we do NOT endorse or condone or promote violence against others. Self Defense is one thing ... but this call to become like ANTIFA or others who HARM AND KILL PEOPLE FOR WRONGTHINK, those who DESTROY PROPERTY to intimidate and coerce are NOT WELCOME HERE. We serve the Risen CHRIST, but ALL faiths are allowed here. If you're a MARXIST or serve ANY EVIL ENTITY prepare to be YEETED. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is allowed here, but DOOMERS, MARXISTS, and SPAMMERS will be YEETED. God bless and keep you all. GOD WINS
All for a LARP? I LOVE LARPS ... Tell me more.................OUT OF SHADOWS REDPILL DIRECT LINK
This is no longer a hobby, this is a Ministry, Christ's Ministry in fact. I am accepting tithes and offerings, and DEMAND that anyone giving do so CHEERFULLY. Everything we have belongs to HIM, frens, and I would rather you build bigger silos than give begrudgingly. Giving is an act of WORSHIP :D$shadilay777

I accept tithes and donations at both places. If you would like to see my views on stewardship I have a couple of videos on that ministry page.$/invite/@PastorShadilay:a
OUT OF SHADOWS WATCH PARTY 4-10-20 Dr. Hotze on the rona
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If anyone is need of ministry please let me know. I am here to serve QArmy, Salty Army, and any of Christ's flock that needs ministry. I am also here to make Disciples.