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Name - Nickname Patchiie

Real Name (Mikey)
Live - East Midlands UK

Casual Gamer 100% Video Game Rage (LUL)
Pretty Chilled gamer and your always welcome to come hang chat and game with me

a little inside info about me
Please don't be offended if i don't chat much when streaming its just that living with social anxiety always runs in my mind when i meet new people so that is why 90% of the time i will have music in the background playing to help me relax a little until i feel that i am really comfortable with you
im a pretty chilled Person

BUT just a couple of bare minimum rules to follow

Please be respectful in the chat to everyone involved

Toxicity and hate of any kind will not be tolerated.
CPU - Intel i7 9700KF
GPU - GEFORCE RTX 2070 Super
Ram - 16GB
SSD- 256gb
Corsair K63 MX cherry red
logitech C920 Cam
Elgato Capture card HD60s

Gamin Hardware
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One X

First of all THANK YOU

if you choose to support me by choosing this option then you get my eternal gratitude and further supporting me and my dreams
these tips are never required

but however they will go back into the stream and to help me out personally and that you are willing to accept that any tips given will not be refunded