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Welcome to Patriot News!
24/7 Live News Analysis! Analyzing geopolitics and REAL NEWS.

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🔹 PatriotLand:
⭐DLive Chat⭐
The chat is made available for collaboration and contribution if so desired. Please keep chat clean and close to the same level as LIVE chat on screen. We are all diggers and truthers here. Please do not participate in gossip, bullying, quibbling or other activities that necessitate babysitting. Excessive need for babysitting will result in a ban. Small amounts of off-topic conversations are ok but not preferred. Please follow the focus below:

⭐Patriot News Focus⭐
🔹 Stay focused on news and analysis
🔹 Dig on what is going on
🔹 Understand the news that gets released and analyze it
🔹 Disseminate gathered information to social media platforms:
🔹 Repost and/or create new posts about new information
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🛑 Do not interrupt with gossip or quibbles

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🔹 No hate speech, harassing, intimidation, quibbling, or cussing
🔹 Please refrain from using all caps
🔹 Stay on focus
🔹 Do NOT promote non-partner YouTube channels, etc

We are looking for knowledgeable and passionate truthers that are comfortable coming "on air" and can clearly provide valuable information. If that sounds like something you are interested in, please join our intro server called "PatriotLand" by downloading "Guilded" and clicking the invite link above. When in PatriotLand, please go to "help-desk-text" and "Help Desk Voice" and wait for assistance to make sure your mic and speakers are working, and you have selected an avatar. Then go to "patriot-land-text" and "PatriotLand Voice" to orient yourself, participate in digs and collaborate with others to exemplify your abilities.