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Name: Andreas
Country: Sweden
Age: 32
Gamer: HELL YEA!
Favorite games:
- Tibia
- Path of Exile
- League of Legends

Hello there, and welcome to my stream! I'll be trying to stream every day after 8pm CET. I'm going to be playing different games, but my main game right now is Tibia, a 20 year old game. Tibia might not have good graphics, any sound, or cool effects like the games coming out today... but the community in Tibia, and how the game works, is that makes it so special!
Feel free to join our Discord:

We sit on discord every day, play games and laugh together. Gaming is a very social thing, and discord helps alot. Do not hesitate to join our server!

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Pewdiepie's favorite game of all times! <3
As an old school player (7.6 glory times), after a 10 year break from Tibia, I came across a video on Youtube, where Pewdiepie explains Tibia as a game. It's so on spot, so I'll let him tell you why Tibia is the best game of all times (despite it's graphics and lack of sound):

Pewdiepie's favorite game of all times! <3

Here is a video of Pewdiepie talking about Tibia:

In my own words:
I grew up with a dad who was very interested in computers and the internet. I remember going from Diablo II to Tibia, this online multiplayer game where you could explore caves, face dangerous monsters and level up to get stronger.... or die and lose it all! Tibia was very unique in this way, if you died, you lost ALOT of progress... hours and sometimes even days of work, could be destroyed in a matter of seconds. I have soooo many great stories, of everything from wars, player killing, exploiting the game/servers, joining the "underworld" of Tibia (the hacker side)... but NOONE to talk about it with. If I talk to friends, wow players, any players.. even Tibia players today, they just sit like ????... they don't understand what I'm talking about. The game of all times... ahh I wish I could go back...

Playing Tibia today, is very nostalgic for me!
8pm / 20.00 - Late night (CET)

I will start at around 8pm every evening, as much as I can. I might take a day off, but I'll be back the next day!
I want to create 2 ironman characters, on a brazilian server (but wount you lag?? yea.. we need to have some handicap ;) )... me and pewdie, talking about great old stories, putting people who enter our spawns on their place**, laughing the hell out and trying to reach level 100... without having our bodies constantly dragged to the middle of towns... experience the fun of Tibia once again.. what a pleasure it would be.

What do you say Pewdie? xD