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About Me
Unlike many streamers out there I have no "Persona", what you see is what you get, I am PhAkIn (Pronounced Fake-in like to fake, the Ph makes an F sound) SaNiTy.

I'm I was born July 1st of 1981 and have been a gamer since I was a kid starting back with an Atari 2600, then on to a Commadore 64 home computer, then into the NES and on down the line, and now I wanna share all that love for gaming with you my FrEaKy FaM!

I do have a regular job (obviously lol) and will definitely be streaming when I am able to so keep your eyes peeled and check and follow my Twitter to get posted of when I am Live and I ♥ each and everyone who follows, comes in and chats and hangs out with me and shares my love of gaming.
Stream/Channel Rules
• No Douchebaggery/Asshatery/Trolling

• No Speaking of Racism, Religion, Politics, Bullying, Age or Gender Bashing

• No Spaming may that be in chat or game invites

• No Advertising or Link Sharing without Permission

• Stay Positive and support your fellow gamers!
The Home Of My Vids
This is where all my streams will be uploaded once i'm done live streaming and other videos that I have recorded and not streamed go.

If your so inclined hit that Subscribe button and ring that Notification Bell to know when I upload new content.
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My Twitch Channel
This will be the other location that my streams will go live along with here on DLive so please come shoot me a follow and come hang out in the chat and help this small streamer grow and become a member of the Freaky Family community!
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