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Gamer Links
I'm picky and only like retro or cartoony platformers (I prefer 2D), especially metroidvanias. First person shooters don't interest me, and I don't like horror games. Check out these channels:

Outdoor & IRL Links
Since being outdoors is my favorite thing to do, I like watching other streamers who do the same.

Chat & Other Links
Here are some of my favorite streamers who do primarily chat, variety or who don't clearly fit in another category. The last 3 are not streamers (yet), but they are DLive legends that everyone should follow.

About Me
My name is PhLo (pronounced "flow"). I am from the United States. I'm shy and don't talk much in person. I'm better at listening. Sorry, my memory is junk, so it might take several interactions for me to remember you. 🐒 Primates (monkeys, gorillas & orangutans) watch my channel if no one else does. My faith in God is of primary importance to me, though I lack great faith. I need as much grace as anyone.

I don't stream to make money or to gain followers. If your primary source of income is from streaming, please keep your lemons for yourself. - random short songs written while driving
Channel Content
I am a variety streamer with no schedule . I stream at random times, often late at night. Content includes these and more:

🎹 Piano practice using Synthesia (started learning March 2019)
🏞️ Hiking & outdoors
📚 Bookbinding, art & crafts
🎮 Gaming - retro 2D, cartoony 3D platformers.
⚽ Soccer ball juggling for exercise
🌆 IRL - walking around town
🖼️ Photo editing
✍️ Writing in my journal
🍽️ Watch me eat food

Sorry, I don't play song requests. It takes me months to learn new songs, and I only know a handful.
Channel Rules
This is a positive, family friendly channel. I prefer no one get muted, but I'm not afraid to do what is necessary to preserve DLive as a pleasant place for streamers and viewers.

☑️ Racism will not be tolerated.
☑️ Please avoid sexual topics or perverse jokes.
☑️ No excessive swearing or disrespect to others.
☑️ Don't post links without permission.
☑️ Only English is understood here.
☑️ Don't beg for follows, support or chest.
☑️ I don't follow for follow. Stick around if you genuinely enjoy being here.
Gear & Software
🎹 Casio CDP-S350 Digital Piano
🎹 Synthesia
🎥 OBS Studio
📷 Sony A6000 - using as webcam
📷 Hawkeye Firefly 8SE - action camera using as webcam
📷 Logitech C920
🎤 Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
💡 Cheap color-changing LEDs and party lights