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Live Music Links
These are my favorite live music channels. I'm just tinkering in music. These guys/gals are legit.

🎵 Jen_See
🎵 RowdySouls
🎵 JacobMuirMusic
🎵 BrannIpson
🎵 SoftEgo
🎵 Anayume
🎵 Dapont
🎵 Narrow_Path
🎵 VirtuosoPiano
🎵 ThePianoParlour
My Favorite Gamers
Regarding gaming, I'm picky and only like retro cartoony platformers (I prefer 2D), especially metroidvanias. Check out these channels:

🎮 MagiCarl
🎮 SuperSkip
🎮 The16bitCouple
🎮 Ryoko16bit
🎮 KangGaming
🎮 Punchy

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About Me
My name is PhLo (pronounced "flow"), though I don't really care how you say it. I am from the United States. Since March 2019 I am slowly learning to play piano using Synthesia. In addition to piano practice I stream variety content such as gaming, crafts, exercise and outdoors.

Sorry, I don't know enough songs to play requests. My goal is to learn a few retro video game songs. It takes a long time for me to learn new songs, as I'm not trained in music at all. - random short songs written while driving

🐒 Primates (monkeys, gorillas & orangutans) are my primary audience. I'm not here to make money or to gain tons of followers. I stream at random times, often late at night.
Interests & Hobbies
Other interests include hiking, bookbinding, paper marbling, writing in journals with colorful pens, and soccer ball juggling. I dabbled with art when I was younger, but I rarely draw much now. I formerly worked as a web developer until I dropped the T in HTML. My faith in God is important to me, though I consider myself to lack great faith. I need so much grace.

Please forgive my ridiculously bad memory. I don't live a very healthy lifestyle, and I forget stuff constantly. If you have visited my channel 134 times I might start saying, "I think I know you from somewhere." That's how bad it is! I'm no pro streamer, that's for sure. But I enjoy chatting with people even if every time feels like the first due to my absurd forgetfulness!
Channel Rules
Please no excessively rude, racist, offensive language or cursing. Those and irrelevant spam will be ignored and/or muted if continued. I want to maintain a positive, family friendly channel. No follow for follow. I prefer genuine community, not connections with an agenda attached. Please don't ask for lino or open chest. English only in chat.
Gear & Software
🎹 Casio CDP-S350 Digital Piano
🎹 Synthesia
🎥 OBS Studio
📷 Sony A6000 - using as webcam
📷 Hawkeye Firefly 8SE - action camera using as webcam
🎤 Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
💡 Cheap color-changing LEDs and party lights