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About this Streamer
Hey Freinds

Im new here and new to streamin. I thought i will give it a try, because i like interacting with people and Gaming, and other stuff.

Additionally i like to improve my English Pronounciations and Skills.
On my Steam you will see:
Gaming Content:
Online Games: LoL/TFT and WoW
Offline Games: Classics i love – FF9 / FF10 / Digimon
Timeless Games: Pokemon Franchise, Dragonball

Also i like to share my Knowledge, im an State Certified IT-Administrator, so at some Point maybe i will show ya some PC and Server related Stuff. I will do some Photoshop Tasks too, because i do some oft hem for my Friends. (Grading, Retouching, and more)

I like to talk, so just ask me if you´ve got a Question. I´m sure, i got a Good Story for you. You are welcome to talk about your Opinions, if you do, be respectful and dont blame others for their own Opinions and Sight.

Im an Austrian enthusiastic Technician, 27 Years old, Based in Vorarlberg.

Enough with me, what about you? Tell me your Story 😊

Btw. You Can talk to me in German and English.

Chat Rules
Rules here:

2. No Spam
3. No Racism, no offensive Language
4. No verbal abuse
5. No self promo
6. Spread your good Vibes, not your bad.
7. Everyone likes Nudes, but not here 😊

Respect the Rules and we are Fine. If you dont respect em, you will get Muted/Kicked/Banned from the Stream 😊
I don´t like Meanies, so dont be one!
Please, give me some time to get into this. Then I will share a schedule.
Motherboard: MSI Z270 Tomahawk Arcitc
CPU: i7 – 6700k
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2833 MHZ 16Gb (2x8GB DDR4)
GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 – 8GB VRAM Overclocked
Drives: Some SSDs, 1 HDD, Nobody cares about Hard Drives
Soundchip: Creative Soundblaster Z

Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite RGB (MX Brown)
Mouse: Sharkoon SGM1
Headset (Headphone purpose only): Teufel Real Blue (in repair), Actually Corsair VOID RGB Wireless
Mic: Auna MIC900b USB

Monitors: LG 34 Inch Ultrawide FullHD / HP 24 Inch Full HD
Webcam: Old 720p Microsoft Webcam, actually new Webcams aren´t affordable
Sound: Logitech 5.1 Sorround Sound Speaker
Donations and Followers
Thank you very much if you like to support me and my content.

I appreciate your follows and your
Opinion and Thoughts to improve my Work.

Donations are Appreciated too, but i don´t urge you to donate.

Anyway, thank you very very much :)