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Hey everyone,
I’m Pinkster-C and I am a Streamer / Gamer / Public Speaker / Advocate

I am so happy to be bringing my gaming experiences to co-inside with my #PinkstersAwareness Movement💜
My aim is to spread the awareness about Mental Health, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illnesses and general awareness as far and wide as possible, whilst also sharing some of my life’s journeys with you all, this now includes my passion for gaming side with all you lovely people.

I currently stream as a variety Gamer, aswell as doing Mental Health/ other free Chats and i also do an Art Channel stream which includes Sketching.

I am so excited to be bringing this adventure to you all.

Most importantly please remember that

*Goals Achieved *
💜 Started Streaming- 03/05/2019
💜 Official Affiliate - 05/08/2019
(Schedule is just a guide line ONLY and can change without notice)

💜 Monday -
Possible Bonus stream

💜 Tuesday -

💜 Wednesday -

💜 Thursday -

💜 Friday -
8.30PM- LATE

💜 Saturday -
Possible Bonus stream

💜 Sunday -
Possible Bonus stream
These are the channels Moderators.

If there are any issues whilst Pinkster-C is streaming and she does not notice please feel free to talk to them / ask questions.

💜 darkvirusuk

💜 Pilcreech

💜 ladyslug

💜 ChuckHess

💜 MG_Live

💜 BrockUK
Big Shout out to all my supportive Subscribers:

💜 darkvirusuk
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💜 PC: 💜

💜 Processor:
CPU Intel Core i9 9900K overclocked to 4.9 ghz on all cores

💜 Motherboard:

💜 RAM:
32GB DDR4 (2x16GB)

💜 Graphics Card:
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

💜 Storage:
Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2 PCIe 1TB SSD and a 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD

💜 Monitor :
28inch Asus VP28UQG 4K

💜 Keyboard and mouse:
Corsair K55 Keyboard
Corsair Harpoon Mouse

💜 Audio:
Scarlett 2i2 audio mixer
Scarlett Studio Mic
Scarlett Headset

💜 Consoles: 💜
Xbox One
💜 Caps allowed in moderation

💜 No advertising or outside links of any sorts without streamer permission first

💜 No Bullying or Swearing

💜 No Harassing other users

💜 No flooding or spamming the chat

💜 No posting of pirvate contact information

💜 No Racism or Sexism, it will NOT be tolerated

💜 Respect the streamer at all times

💜 Respect all Mods as you would the streamer

💜 I have the final say on all decisions

💜 Above all just Be Kind