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Retro Gaming!
I love my retro systems and games so there will be a lot of old school classics being played. I love new games as well....I love all the games!!!.....but retro is nostalgic for me and some of these games are hard as hell! Time to dominate them all muahahahaha!!!!
Professional Guitarist / Guitar Instructor
I love my music! I currently play in a few active bands, my main one being Maiden New England. We are a professional tribute to Iron Maiden based out of the New England area. Click the image to check my YouTube page. I will be working on that much more now that I have the time.

Music and games and bud oh my!!!
Mental health/Suicide Awareness
I've struggled my entire life with a lot of demons in my head. If anyone is going through a rough time and want to chat I've probably been through it heh. Just keep pushing through it!!!! Find your outlet. Music, the gym and gaming does it for me! Board gaming too!
Board Gaming!!!
Board gaming is another great escape and if you are not aware, there is a massive resurgence of board games going on right now! Some great table top games out there being created thanks to crowd funding sites, a great way for people to get their ideas out when they don't have the startup capitol.

I like painting the miniatures as well. Not the best, but helps take my mind off everything and I just zone into the painting just like the music....

Click the image to check my BGG page an see the addiction of board game collecting....worth it!!! Also have my own game in the works. Stay tuned....=)