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My name is Jesse aka PrinceBlue and I stream Full Time and VERY new to DLive. Joined on June 23, 2020! I come from the land of Twitch where I've been streaming since August 2017. I’m a lover of games and I play for fun. I’m in no way a competitive gamer or streamer. Get to know me and you will realize I enjoy having a good time with friends, laughing and screaming (usually in horror). I make really random sound effects and I have a weird sense of humor.

This channel is mainly for mature audiences, so I hope you can handle it and enjoy the show.

I live in California, USA. I mainly play on PC, but also have a PS4 and Switch.

Wanna know more about me, feel free to ask
-Be respectful to the streamer, the chat and to anyone in the party

-No Discrimination of ANY kind

-Please do not talk about age! Any age discussion will result in a timeout

-Any Self Promotion will result in an INSTANT BAN

-Judge Free Zone

-If we ask you to stop doing something, please do so. Ignoring the warnings will result in timeouts or a permanent ban

-Do not ask to be MOD

-Links are not allowed unless approved by the streamer or Moderators. Please ask in advance.

-Dont bring Drama to the channel, lets just have fun
I'm a variety streamer and owner of over 220 games across all consoles. The main games I'm currently focused on streaming are:


1. Rainbow Six Siege
2. Dead By Daylight
3. Mario Kart
4. Sea of Thieves
5. Call of Duty
6. Predator: Hunting Grounds
7. Apex Legends
8. Paladins
9. Hunt Showdown


1. Horror / Survival
2. Shooters
3. Exploration / Adventure
4. Nintendo Games
5. Party Games

I have a ton of games and I'm always trying to change it up, I go back to some of my favorites or games I never completed. I prefer playing Multiplayer games, but will stream single player on occasion.
Donations are never required but very much appreciated! Keep in mind that donations not only help me out as a streamer, but also helps out the Blue Crew community as a majority of the portions go towards giveaways, merchandise and improving the streams. Thank you in advance for showing your support and even considering to donate to this channel! I LOVE YOU!

Note: Please note all donations are non-refundable. The donation transactions are processed through Square Pay. Since this isn’t linked with twitch, please notify me in CHAT that a donation has been submitted so a proper thank you can be expressed!
CPU: Intel Core i7
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
SSD: 240 GB

Mouse: CORSAIR - M65 Elite

Keyboard: CORSAIR - K55 Wired Gaming Membrane Keyboard with RGB Backlighting - Black

Mic: Blue Yeticaster

Headphones: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless
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