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+ **Absolutely NO discrimination (including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, intentional misgendering, or any type of hate speech) or harassment of other viewers/runners/mods/staff or anyone who appears on stream.**

+ **No disparaging remarks about pronouns**


+ **Avoid talking about traumatic events or conspiracy theories (including 9/11 and nazi spam)**


+ **No political campaigning or proselytism**


+ **No links or advertisements**


+ **No custom bots for posting in chat or whispering**


+ **No excessive ascii or copypasta spam**


+ **Be respectful**


+ **Jokes, sarcasm and bad faith questions/arguments are not excuses**


+ **Kitty and her moderators reserve the right to ban users from our chat/channel/event at our own discretion**


+ **Do not encourage others to spam**


+ **Do not try to get other people
punished/banned (Baiting)**
# Artists

Thanks ***Ultrathub*** ***For Helping me with All of the Overlays And Banners as well as helping out with the Coding!***

< > For helping me with my VR Avatar! ***She is amazing for her Artwork and models i highly recommend you check her out!***

Thank You Zacigan Somethin For helping me with ***My Profile pic*** Please check Him out at < >

Thank you Cole#0112
For helping out with the Channel Logo and Channel banner Please make sure to also Check their portfolio At
< >

Thanks Wendigo/ Wen for giving us Emjois for our channel! If you like to Commission Them Go add them on discord @ Wendigo Wannabe#1161

# Commentators

Thank you ***Bluesskkii***
< > For being ***The First Ever Commentator*** For This Channel!

Thanks ***Ashurvok*** for being our 2nd Commentator for this Channel you can check them out at
< >

Thanks ***Impressikerm*** For being a Commentator for this Channel They also is a very good Impersonator Please Check them out at < >

Thanks ***Sagey*** for being our Chat Moderator For this channel Please check them out at < >

Thank you ***That_Pink_Guy***
for being our Chat Moderator For this channel Please check them out at
< >

# Composers/Royalties

Thanks ***Hyperex*** For **Composing** and allow me to use his **music for the streams!** ***you can check them out at*** < >

Thanks ***Shane*** for allowing us to use your **Sick music** for our Streams You can Support them at
< >

Thanks ***Square Punch*** for allowing us to use Your **crazy music** for our streams pleaase support them at < >
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