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Hello! Welcome to Project Symbiote! This channel cointains gameplay of Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and sometimes live sessions with traditional art. Hope you enjoy your stay! :)
My name is Arvid A. I am the co-owner of a Norwegian company called ABNC Solutions, along with Dini(my better half), also known as PurePotential.
We are currently working within IT, digital design, and traditional crafts(original handmade drawings, and crochet work)

My main goal is to attempt to stream everyday, as well as maintaining, and upgrading my skills within games, traditional drawings, digital art design, and music production (FL Studio).
This is the link to Symbiote Network. I also try to post here on a regular basis. I usually share my favorite songs from YouTube, but I also give updates on what's going on in Project Symbiote.
Here you will find the Spotify playlist collection that is being played on the stream.
If you wish, you can support the channel directly through this link!
This is where I'm posting my artwork. I try to post on a regular basis. I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd take a look!
Project Symbiote Discord channel
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