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Hey guys name is Prophet , just another gamer looking to have fun playing games..

If you ever see me online comes say hi and let see what adventures we can go on.

Mainly play Fortnite and Apex. Brand new to DLIVE but I am loving it!!

Our follow goal!!!
100 Follow
200 follow
300 follow
400 follow
500 follow
Donation Contest !!!
Each stream with will have out top donator be enter in to a raffle at the end of every month.
once we have all the entries we will pick one winner to be gifted a item from the item shop

All you have to do to enter is:
Follow me here on DLIVE and donation. Entries winner for the stream will be posted here .
You can enter to win as many time as you like . Good Luck
Top donator : 1 Raffle
Top player: 1 Raffle
Top monthly Donator 10 Raffle
Invite Friend : 5 Raffle
Follow my Instagram: 10 Raffle
Sub my Youtube: 10 Raffle
Join Discord : 10 Raffle
Link in Bio

Entries winner:
H20_muhkin-27/Verzuz-44/Themysterygame87-1/ Wastland2033-29/Dmandoomsday-1/Holidae-1/The All Mity Pebble-25/
Lunar Lympics-1/Aladdin - 10/ Bloodyknucke53-6 / Daun -1/WantedMelo-5/Gabe -25/Psnmonkey121- 22/
Malbreezy-23/ DeathmasterXD- 63/Weex-15/Mutant kidyt- 28 / LoardTacoIV-20/Cxrts-22/Nikqtq-5/ Freeman-5

Hit up my Instagram and youtube for more content and to know when I am going live .

Discord Prophetsniper75 #8130

Please don't spam links , Just ask me first if you want to shout out your link depending on what it is. All here to just have fun.


Other than that guys just be respectful to each other and we should have a good time .