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Hi my name is Justin Boyd A.K.A PsychoticR3B3L im an avid gamer and enjoy playing Cod, Nascar, Madden, Forza Horizon, and many other games. I just got accepted into my first Esports Stream Team Rejected Logic Gaming and i absolutely love it they have made me feel like its a family organization, and welcomed me with open arms. I am currently on the Esports Stream Team and Captain of the Competitive Team!!!

I have only been streaming for about 3 months and have grown pretty well and im enjoying it very much as i dont work right now due to having a Heart Attack 4 months ago, but that didnt stop me from doing what i love and that playing video games. I may not be very vocal at first but get me warmed up and i will open up and start being myself.

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Be respectful to EVERYONE

No Racism

No Discrimanation

No Bullying

No Name Calling

If any of these rules are Broken then you will be timed out for 10 minutes and if it doesnt stop after that you will be banned from my Channel cause it will not be tolerated!!!

My Channel is a big Supporter of the Military and all Emergency Personnel and First Responders. If you happen to fall in these Catagories say something and you will be recognized in my channel for the service that you do. If it wasnt for you guys I wouldn't be able to do what i love to do most and thats to play Video Games and Creat Content for you to watch, so if you want to thank anyone for me doing all this content then thank everyone in the Military and Emergency Personnel.

Thank you to everyone that has come by my channel and supported me in what i love to do. If it wasnt for all of you coming and being in my channel I would not make it in the Streaming world.