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Hello,I'm Pwnonator. My first Dlive stream on 4/13/2019, First vp stream on 6/30/2019. I'm a disabled gamer from Ohio fighting with CMT. I've been a gamer all of my life and a streamer just recently. I enjoy a wide variety of games but I enjoy survival and horror games the most. Being Disabled, I Stream full time. Any Support being a lemon or a follower, I Thank you & Appreciate you.
* No Politics & Religion Talk
* No Self Promotions
* Don't ask to open chest
* Do Not talk about exploits & glitches in chat
Stream Team
“Due to the graphic nature of the Badass Brigade no one under 18 is allowed to enter, by entering this discord you are confirming that you are in fact 18+”
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Monday-Friday 2:00pm - 10:00pm EST
Sat-Sun TBD
Want to Interact With my Game? You can With Lino Dono
Ice Cream= Toss 1 Stack Of Mats In Lava Of Your Choice.
Diamond= Toss 1 Hotbar Item in lava of your choice.
Ninjaghini= Jump In a pool of lava, Lose Everything On me...Please Don't
20% of Donos goes into the chest and we will open at the end of the stream. Please don't ask to open, mods will ban you. It's rude
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We Play music into the stream. Since there are no bot that has song request, post a youtube link in chat and let us know its a song. Just be respectful with your request.
Please vote here so we can have streamlabs/slobs & linux support. Dlive+slobs= Happyness Every vote helps
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