Streamer is offline
Reasons to watch me
- I have one of the most hysterical laugh you ever seen and heard in your life.
- I easily laugh, so easy that sometime you thought that I'm mental. (Maybe I am, I don't even know myself that well.)
- I don't take gaming very serious, you can expect me to goes full "Troll Mode" most of the time.
- But sometimes, I can be very serious in certain game (mostly MOBA and other competitive game) and I rage "HARD"
Who am I?
Do you really want to know me? okay then?

My name is Best.
My to-go alias is "PzFx". It is the combination of my first spoken word "Pizza" and the word "Effect" and together it make "PzFx". make sense, doesn't it?
I work as marketing executive and part-time shoutcaster for an esports company in Thailand.
I chose this platform to stream because I could not careless about money. Unlike other platform, DLive provides such a close community that I felt like I was here for fun, not just for money.