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Here are a few things about me and what makes me tick...

Conservative (#MAGA)
Alpha Nerds Guild Member ( alphanerdsguild.com )
Comic and Movie Nerd (I'd totally crush on the Entertainment / Sports Section of Trivial Pursuit!!!)
Huge Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) / Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) / Pittsburgh Panther (NCAA-Football) Fan!!

With this channel, I'd like to mostly stream games, but there will be times where I'll need to get a few things off my chest... Sometimes you'll like and enjoy what I'll have to say and sometimes, you won't! But, I'm always honest, not matter how brutal it might seem. I will be respectful to all viewers and would expect the same in return. We might not always agree, but there will always be mutual respect for your views, even thought I might not agree with them....I'll always try to be open and learn!

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Games that will be scheduled to stream:
The Division 2
Anthem (If it ever gets better and not a complete dumpster fire!!)
Destiny 2
Apex Legends (Not really played it that much, but always want to learn!)
And, any other suggestions that you might have...

Streaming Schedule will depend on my work schedule...

I tend to work a lot of overnight shifts, so after grabbing some sleep, I'll be on! Please follow my Twitter feed for constant updates...

Take Care, God Bless, God Bless American and Watch Your Six...