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I'm a middle aged disabled RPG gamer. I play all sorts of rpg games across all sorts of systems. I'm pretty laid back. Any questions just ask me. I do have weak spells which may end my streams out of the blue. But please enjoy your stay.

Please note I do this to promote positive mental health for me and for me to be able to socialize. I don't work so the biggest thing you all can do is come in say hi and hang out even if it's just lurking. Thanks lots.

Past Pathfinder games:
1. Treat others with respect.
2. Don't advertise or beg for followers for your channel.
Thank my awesome Folks who loaned me the money to actually be able to build this new super rig. They are awesome and I love them lots.

Processor: i9 9900K 5.0Ghz
Ram: Corsair 64gb ddr4 Extreme
Graphics Card: Nvidia 2080 Super
Harddrive Space: 49TBs
OS: Windows/Linux Hybrid Shell
Sound Card: Basic built in.
Monitors: Asus 21.5 led with 1ms (x3)
Insignia tv 32 inch
Keyboard: Raydem MK01
Mouse: Tecknet M009
Contorllers: ibuffalo snes usb
afterglow ag-1 ps3 usb
sony ps4 contorller
generic nes usb contorller.
Mic: Blue Yeti Blackout Mic
Cam: Logitech HD 1080p
Overlay: I or my buddy Mind made.
Cookies: Mine
Cat: Kitten... no you can't have her.
This Schedule is not 100% it changes due to real life, appointments and my health.

Streams normally start between 10am to Noon Cst and Average about 4 hours in length each, but this can change a lot due to life and my health but its what i shoot for.

Special: Will be Doing the borderlands series with friends coming on starting mon on top of my regular schedule.

Streaming Schedule:
Mon, Thurs: Gc: Tales of Symphonia
Tues, Fri: Psp: Final Fantasy 1 Solo Black Mage
Weds, Sat: Pc: Dark
Sun: Off

Wed: Dnd Pathfinder War of Weblocke
Qtopia Discord:

Humble Bundle Referal Link: If you are a new monthly subscriber on humble bundle I get 5 dollar store credit on the store.

G2A If you buy anything from the store I get a small amount of credit to purchase stuff.
RPG Games Beaten This Year on Dlive:
1. SNES: Super Mario Rpg