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Full time Father, Husband and Geek. Can usually be found in a computer near you at most times.

I like to play FPS, Survival and driving games just to name a few.

I'm a devout techy working in IT support. Please feel free to geek out with me in the chat!

I like to play a mix of games and often perform charity streams.

It would be great to form a community of like-minded people to geek out with.

I have been working in IT support since the beginning of 2013.

I am self-taught in PowerShell script development but would love to get into Python scripting in the future. I'm dyslexic which doesn't help in my industry but thank God for spell checkers.

I have always had an interest in all things tech.
Random game key for charity donations above £5

I am live streaming to raise money to support the young patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), their families and NHS staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

I will also be giving a random game key to anyone who donates more than £5. Make sure you select it from the list of rewards when donating! I somehow amassed over 200 quality game keys from a 2-year subscription to HumbleBundle so this seems like a good use for them! #charity
Come join and chat with me on Discord.

Lets make an awesome comunity of IT / Gaming Geeks!
Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates.

All tips are welcome but not at all required! All the money goes to pay towards my childcare costs for my two boys or to improve the stream. https://bit.ly/2TWnrgn