Streamer is offline
I'm Quave a 20 YR old streamer from the UK,

I have been streaming to YouTube for around 3 years and have loved sharing my gaming experience with an audience.

I moved platforms and started my first DLive Stream on February 2nd 2019, I also love tattoos and currently have 2, but really want more ( Once you get one you want more right? )


Wednesday ,Friday & Sundays 4pm UK Time!

Current games I play:

Fortnite & Rocket League

Q: What Platform do you play on?
A: PS4
Q: Whats your Epic?
A: QuaveYT
You can simply support my streaming career by donating lino.

🍋 Lemon x1 = $0.012
🍦 Ice Cream x1 = $0.12
💎 Diamond x1 = $1.20
🏎️ Ninjaghini x1 = $12
🛩️ Ninjet x1 = $120

Donate To My Crypto Wallet:


Want to help the stream grow even further? ( Click on the panel )

All donations will go towards better stream equipment, more games, and the Stream. Please Do not feel obligated to donate! Your continued support by just watching the stream and having fun is more than greatly appreciated!

🔸 English Only!

🔹NO asking for follows

🔸NO Promoting your channel - Its Rude to just come and promote looking to get follows without putting the work and time into your own channel ( Get to know people and if viewers wish they might follow you too )

🔹NO Spoilers for any new games or movies!

🔸NO LINKS - Ask a mod for permission before posting!

🔹DON'T be rude, racist, sexist

🔸DON'T ask to be mod - When i need a new moderator i will offer it to the people who i feel i can trust.

🔹DON'T Spam - Spamming the chat is cool and will just result in a timeout / ban

Respect the rules of my chat, 1st offence warning, 2nd Time Out & anything afterwards can lead to permanently being banned from the channel.
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