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Hi, everyone! My name is Quinn. I'm 23 and I'm your #1 e-girl, fantasy, professional, goddess, entertainer and gamer ready to give you a whimsical show. I'm a variety streamer mostly playing League of Legends, Dead by Daylight, etc. I just love many games and I hope you enjoy my gameplay as well as my commentary. Be sure to follow and support me through this journey through life and the world that is Dlive. Thank you for stopping in!
Under any circumstances, bullying, discrimination, harassment, slurs, hate speech, and threats are NOT allowed and are prohibited. Please no spam, no spoilers if I'm playing a game with story (no spoilers in general). If you are caught disobeying these rules, you may be timed out or banned on the spot. Let's keep it friendly and fun. Thank you!
I do not have a set schedule at the moment, but I stream when I can so please make sure you have notifications on, etc. Thank you!
If you would like to donate please click on the applicable link https://streamlabs.com/exiledqueen96 Donating is not mandatory but it is much appreciated! When you donate, you agree that you will NOT do any chargebacks. Thank you!
Join my Discord and be part of my Hogwarts and let's get it poppin. <3 https://discord.gg/PrS8xHv When you join, please go to #welcome-please-read-if-unsorted, read the information given, click the link and take the quiz to find out which house you are sorted into and send me a message and I will assign you your role and you can join in on the fun!