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**Who Is RektByFaith**

I'm a Professional Gamer.

I started off playing competitive games all my life but got serious into competitive gaming seven years ago in Starcraft 2. Within the game I competed against high ranked players in tournaments as well as coached teams from the ground up, turning them into monsters in the SC2 Scene. However, I felt starcraft was slowly dying off and ventured into other games. From there I tried out League Of Legends and discovered the game was not for me. The games took too long for little reward in my busy-college life, forcing me to return back to starcraft for a while. When I returned to starcraft I was offered to join a professional team, I accepted it. However, a few months later a new game was released called Fortnite. I tried it out and immediately was hooked.

Now I'm striving to become a Pro in Fortnite and reach the top.

As well as reaching the top in fortnite, I strive to teach players in starcraft how to be better no matter what clan they are part of.

**Gaming Achievements**

- Achieved GrandMasters in Starcraft 2
- Was A Member Of a Professional Team
- Competed in Major Cash Prize Tournaments

**Life Achievements**

- Straight A Student in Highschool
- Straight A Student in College
- Part Of The National Honors Society of HSS
- Part Of The National Honor Society of Leadership and Success
- Designed High-end Websites.