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R.C Arts started his journey as an artist when he became homeless, while living on the streets he began creating found object art pieces, after local galleries took an interest in his artwork he regained stability and went to art school where he acquired a degree in Fine Arts further refining his artistic skills and continues to create and learn.
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"Beauty is everywhere, if that is what you are looking for."

Artist Statement

My purpose is to evoke an emotion, thought or conversation. Exploring the things that make us human and the things we sometimes fail to see in our everyday lives.
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One Million Eyes Project
I've been working on a project I started in 2018 to put together as many paintings and photographs of peoples eye's for a gallery show. If you would like yours to be included send a high-rez image of your own eyes to: OneMillionEyesProject@Yahoo.Com
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"A New Day"
Gazing across the Trailer Park morning dew glistens on overgrown lawns, as the sun rises, empties strewn randomly in the grass sparkle like jewels in this dawn of day. Saturday night has past, Hank Sr has fallen silent, the wailing of police sirens, shouting and gun fire ebb from my mind. as do the prayers of my neighbors wife heard through the walls at 3am "oh god-oh god-oh god" have apparently been answered, silence stills this morning.

Hot coffee flows and warms my tired bones as the roaches scurry across the kitchen floor seeking refuge from the invasive light into the dark recesses of a cockroach underworld. A constant flurry of church vans pass by my window, come to gather those that have repentance for their sins of the previous Saturday night. A house-coated neighbor groans as she reaches for her morning paper, the folds of her belly fat strain the vertebrae that have given her the gift to walk upright to the kitchen for yet another jelly roll.

Some would see this community as a melting pot of emotional turmoil but what lies within this spiced stew is nothing less then life at it's purest form, Instinct, or man after crawling from that slime pool of life. There is no pretense of society or false empathy, nothing less then want and need. The establishment of being ruler of a 30X80 tract of land, King of all that their drug and alcohol induced visions might encompass.

I watch from the window of my kingdom, It is the dawning of a new day and life begins again.