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Rainbow connection is a NEW channel within the dlive ecosystem built by all spectrums of Community! Its main goal is to share this new space and discussing the many facets, perspectives and infinite definitions of #SPACE itself. These channels will further aid in creating and growing future collaborative channels and a new international communitys such as the central node at the #GrandCanyon #Arizona #USA as one of the many world Nodes of #eco #workshare #travel #love #learn, #live, #share, have #fun #play #destinations #Ecosystem for dlive users! Making traveling easier by involving everyone and creating destinations. Help us get to 200 followers and 2000 lino points to be a verified partner and we will do our best to #listen #connect #spirit #gift #life with #you! #animalLife #ecolife #offgridlife #anylife #gamelife Whats Your Rainbow? Lets Connect #rainbowconnection more info for the Grand Canyon Soon! Gifts will also be used for development and gameplay creation of building future sights like Flinns gaming nickle Arcade World Arena, created by you! Voted live! With challege spaces like: Where machine go to Die and Live side arcade. Bringing lost games from around the world donted by community, but designed before built in months not years, peacfuly for future #destinations, so we can experience the history of games with real stats and rankings, See you there! Rechallenge with proven destinations around world. All content and ownership of created footage in and out of gaming in all formats or expressions on the rainbow connection is a community project and our gift and free to use, please share! Any behaviour that is not deemed sportsman like in any event of life will be given 3 strike rule and have to start at level one of responsibility to help keep space peacful, safe and fun. Start of project April 14 2019 #70%downloading projected May 15 phaser1 (#acceptinghelpsoon) on #dlive and at the grand canyon. please help our main channel #TheRainbowConnection so we can better deliver content with live as well as content delivered by you with upload capabilities! Thanks again! Have blessed day! #ruffdraft Always accepting ideas!!!!