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Hey all, welcome to the channel! I'm Rang3r335, I play a wide variety of games ranging from multiplayer competitive to turn-based strategy. I am open to playing with anyone so feel free to ask if you'd be interesting in join us for a game. I play with a ton of amazing people who share in may tendency for edgy humor, so feel free to stop by and have some fun with us.

Rough Schedule: US-GMT
Monday: No Stream (Usually)
Tuesday: 9:00pm-2:00am
Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00am
Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am
Friday: 8:00pm-2:00am
Saturday: 9pm-12:00pm
Sunday: No Stream (Usually)

Current Games:
Dead By Daylight
Rainbow Six: Siege
League of Legends
Total War: Warhammer 2
X-Com 2
X-Com: Long War

Team Member:
Bomb Squad United
Trashplay Specialists