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Hey everyone! I'm RaptureGames, Raps, Geno, or whatever you want to call me, and I play video games for fun! I'm a small time streamer here on Dlive, and started in February of 2019, but gaming has always been my one true passion. I play all types of games, including RTS, Building, FPS, you name it. We just try to have fun at whatever the cost, so if you're watching the stream, make sure to hit that follow button, and say hi!

About Me:
Age: 18 years old
Where I'm From: United States
Race/Ethnicity: White (German, Italian, Irish [Kinda just a European mutt])

The Goal: To be partnered on DLive someday
My Dream: To have a successful life sooner rather than later
The Truth: Have to move out of my parents house after high school first

- Siento no poder entenderte. Soy un hablante de inglés, y nunca aprendí otro idioma completamente, por lo que el inglés es mi único idioma primario.
- Üzgünüm seni anlayamadım. İngilizce konuşanıyım ve başka bir dili hiç bir zaman tam olarak öğrenmedim, bu yüzden İngilizce benim tek ve tek ana dilim.
- Désolé de ne pas pouvoir te comprendre. Je parle l’anglais et n’ai jamais appris une autre langue de façon complète. L’anglais est donc ma seule et unique langue principale.

Stream Times:
Weekdays - 4 PM CST
Weekends - ? (Just whenever)

Games I've Completed on Stream:
- Evoland
- Game Corp DX
- The Walking Dead: Season 1 and 2

Games I keep coming back to:
- Call of Duty (The franchise)
- Dawn of Man
- Foundation
- Factorio
- Stonehearth
- SAS: Zombie Assault 4
- Realm of the Mad God
- Evoland 2
- Crystal Story
- Decision
- Halo: CE
- Dead Rising 2
- Cities Skylines
- State of Decay 1 and 2
- Devil May Cry 4
- Outlast (Maybe?)
- Ni No Kuni 2

Chat Rules:
-Please NO swearing. Try to keep it PG somewhat
-No Spamming
-Self-promotion is fine (but too much in too quick of a time is a ban)
-Emotes are good too, as long as they are not offensive.
-No bullying others in chat (If you bully me, I can take it)
-And as always, have fun and stay safe always!

- ColonelLoomis
- CaptainxKaliber

To be a moderator, you have to be able to follow the rules, and enforce them. And, to also be a great person towards others and myself. (Unless you know me personally. Then you get a free pass.)