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Soul Reaver Gaming
Hello, my name is Razielts, my page is all about playing through games that i like, and have freedom to make builds, because i always pick unusual paths, and i play in an uncommon way.

I really like to deviate from the expected builds and choices, but most importantly share the weird choices i make, and see people's reactions when i talk about them!

I really miss that feeling of playing together with friends, or watch them play, those moments where everyone would get together, and reach the end of a game 1 life each on single players!

Then adult life happened, and it was never the same since...
Naturally we don't have as much time to do that, so i decided i wanted to meet people online who'd like to share those experiences with me!

Join me on the unusual, the different, the strange, and make it cool with me. The Soul Reaver awaits you!