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Who am I?
Hi, I’m Unkle Bonehead aka Ryan Ridenour, I’m a 49 yr old truck driver by trade and have just over 27 years in the industry with over 2.5 million accident free miles. I create podcasts and other digital media. I am also an amateur self hoster, a Fediverse Evangelist and fanboy of the Yunohost server distribution based on Debian. This channel is where I will be streaming while recording my podcast(s) and during the week I will be doing live streams from the road most likely talking about trucking and things stupid people do while driving.
The Self Hosted Podcast
I'm a truck driver showing how easy it really is to take back control of your data from the tech giants and stop being a product for them to sell to advertisers.

In this podcast we will explore the many ways to set up and host your own server whether it's in your home or on a remote VPS. How to back up and sync your data, run your own email, chat, VOIP, website, social media, etc. All with ethical, free and open source software.

This is not a "technical" podcast. I am an average, everyday dude that has no coding skills. I explain and talk in a normal way that isnt over your head with tech jargon.
This podcast is available where ever free podcasts are sold!