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I name the Jew.

I name them because the vast majority of Jews will not name their own criminals, rather they protect them. I do not hate Jews, and I do not think ALL Jews are conspiring. However, it is truth that those who drive our wars and who influence our country in our foreign and many cases domestic policy are Jews. They are those who hypocritically promote freedom of speech and expression yet at the same time call for the censorship of all that is against any one of them, in any way, shape or form. This is accomplished through individual government positions of dual citizen neocons as well as, and mostly, influence by proxy via lobbying and blackmail. Most of them do this intentionally or unintentionally all for the racist, supremacist, terrorist founding Jewish state of Israel. I mean honestly, just whatever they say assume the opposite - cause they are allowed to obfuscate or even lie to the cattle Goyim anyway.

My function is a relay of information for you to ponder upon. You do not have to agree with the information I provide, but it would be a disservice to your own self to never consider it.

I welcome your opinions, and I will never ban or censor whatever you have to say, because unlike some, as much as I might dislike what you have to say I still defend your right to express it.

I do not have moderators, cause I don't censor.
Give me your tired, your hungry, and misinformed. But keep your shekels.
Enjoy some knowledge bombs to feed your goy brain and make it strong.

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Waking them up, one goy at a time - Naming the Eww
It all starts at home. Inform your family and friends, and establish your knowledge to reinforce your arguments - that is where all this information I make easily available to you comes in... absorb into your goy brain
How can I archive censored media?
Easy.. download this program here:

And you can in one command archive WHOLE channels

I welcome suggestions. Granted I will review them first, but if I find it beneficial I will include it in my stream.

I hope to get a submission form for this soon, but for now you can email me: and I will consider any content