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Just a kid who streams for fun c;

Games I mostly play:
-Minecraft (Mostly modded)
-Counter Strike: Global Offensive

though I do like to switch some games around and I'm also open for suggestions.
Feel free to chat in my streams, I try to be as interactive as possible, though sometimes I might not notice what's going in the chat so my apologies.

Any donations are also appreciated as well as any followers. I'm pretty new to the whole streaming thing so try not to be too hard on me.

I also have a discord, it was mainly for me and my friends, but I decided to open it up to public and turn it into some sort of a gang/clan discord group

Discord Invite: vyvp5KC
Box Openings
I will only open the box when (and if) there are at least 6+ viewers and the box has at least 25 lemons.

why? Because there's no point in opening a pretty much empty box for little to no viewers.