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is the url where you can find easy links to everything me related!

I multistream to 3 or 4 sites at the same time.

My Discord, Twitter, Dlive, Facebook Gaming, YouTube and Mixer! Everything is there!
You can scan the QR Code too if you want to.
Join the Discord to get notified about everything and to chat with the community when I'm not live.
- Discussions
- Memes
- Fun

We got it all!
Hello, I'm Rene Rocket also known as Rene Rocket.
My age is the best it could ever be!
I'm from germany and I've been gaming for all my life, winning is another thing tho FeelsBadMan

I'm very insterested in the technical stuff about streaming, I like memes and pizza.

I won't lie to you! ...unless I do. **But I won't!**

The purpose of this channel is to improve my english and just trying to grow a channel without any backup. Yes I do own another channel but I got a german only community there so it's kinda hard for me to switch to english.

I do work fulltime and often stay late so my streams will start around 6pm CET.
I won't stream every day! That's just insane!
My goal is to stream 3 times a week so follow me on my socialmedia and follow to be notified when I go live

All music is provided by
Twitter, best social Media there is!
It's my favorite so I'm gonna post mostly unuseful trash that no one cares about there.
I'm gonna upload Highlights here and will be live there too.

Fun Fact: Back in 2012 I uploaded my first gameplay video to YouTube.
A f*cking Portal lets play! Good times!

Still not a great fan of facebook but I'm gonna be live there aswell!
Mixer, I like mixer.
So I'm gonna be live there aswell!
[AMD Ryzen 9 3900X]( )
**CPU Cooler:**
[be quiet! DARK ROCK PRO 4]( )
[ASUS ROG Strix 1080Ti OC Edition]( )
[MSI X470 Pro Carbon]( )
[32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport]( )
[2x ADATA XPG 8200 Pro 1TB]( )
[be quiet! DARK POWER PRO 11 750W]( )
[Fractal Design Define R6]( )
**Monitor 1:**
[Eizo Foris FS2434]( ) Seems to be a Germany only product.
**Monitor 2:**
[Alienware 3418DW 34" 21:9 Gsync 3440x1440p]( )
[ROCCAT Kova]( )
[ROCCAT Taito]( )
Logitech G510, discontinued PepeHands

[RØDE NT1]( )
**Mic Shock Mount:**
**Mic Arm**:
[RØDE PSA1]( )
[Presonus Audiobox 22VSL]( ) Discontinued PepeHands

[Elgato Stream Deck]( )

[Oculus Rift S]( ) It comes with a free voice changer that randomly changes your voice to one of a demon. NICE!

#**Broadcasting Software:**
[OBS Studio]( )
**Encoder:** x264
**Rate Control:** CBR
**Bitrate:** 4000 Kbps (Current max for me on FB)
**Keyframe:** 2
**CPU Preset:** Medium
**Profile:** High
**x264 Options:** rc-lookahead=60 trellis=1 direct-pred=spatial threads=18

**Base Resolution:** 1280x720
**Output Resolut:** 1280x720
**Downscale Filter:** Lanczos
**FPS:** 30 (Current max for me on FB)

#**OBS Plugins and tools**
[StreamFX by Xaymar]( )
[Pulsoid]( )
[motion-effect]( )
[NohBoard]( )
[SpeechChat]( )
[Gampad Display]( )
[PhantomBot]( )