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Gameplay Archive - 0.4.0h
Welcome to my Gameplay Archive
This channel is designed to share my past gaming experiences! It is also a fully self-hosted passion project that I am using to keep my tech skills ticking along. A different show plays each day, ranging from individual games to entire genres.
- Monday: Up to 23 hours. New releases deployed between 12:00 and 15:00 London time
- Tuesday-Sunday: 23 hours a day
- Scheduled Downtime: 03:00 to 04:00 UTC
Thank you
- Surang on Flaticon ( ) for creating the projector/ cinema icon used in my channel logo.
- Pretzel ( ) and associated artists for providing the background music.
+ Magda Ehlers ( ) on Pexels for the [beautiful photograph of fireworks( )
- Oleg Magni ( ) on Pexels for the wonderful Christmas Tree photograph (

# What video do you play here?

Edited videos and raw, archived, video that I keep around for editing purposes or to look back on from time-to-time.

# Why is there no in-game sound from the videos?

There are voice chat recordings mixed-in and I do not wish to compromise other's privacy. I am coming up with a strategy for sound content on the offline streams, which may include enabling sound where possible and adding music.
Roadmap and latest release notes
You can find the latest roadmap here:

# 0.4.0h

The Gameplay Archive returns after a long period of downtime. Apologies for the downtime, I had to attend to personal matters. This is the last version of 0.4- I promise! The only notable change is the migration from Streamlabs OBS to OBS Studio.
What is the purpose of this stream?
Have you ever wanted to view a game as it was years ago, including the grind and travelling? This stream broadcasts some of my raw, unedited, video so that you can do just that.

You may request a particular month/ year by typing !skip and following the in-chat/ on-screen prompts.

# I am actively developing this stream

This stream will change a lot in the coming days. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have (use the suggestion box to the right)! If you are curious about what I am developing next, feel free to check out the alpha version of my stream: RescindentArchDev ( )