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Hey y'all, Leah and Michelle here! We're just a couple of sisters who own an urban farm in Ohio. We hope to offer you REAL, relevant news, with maybe a few laughs on the side. We want to empower you, the Resistance, with tools to stand up against tyranny from all sides. As we always say, "we don't lean to the Right and we don't lean to the Left... we lean on the Word of God." So everything you hear from us will be filtered through that. We stand for a righteous America, the one our Founding Father's bled and died for, the America that the Pilgrims sacrificed everything to gain. We hope to right the revisionist history, help you become independent as free Americans from the oppression big government and big business have put on us all. This country belongs to God, and it IS worth fighting for. Brothers and Sisters in arms, now is our time to rise up, and to shout the battle cry of freedom.