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first painting
pastel sketch 1 Follow me on instagram for more. https://www.instagram.com/ajrhinoart/
Rose Mountain Progress.
pastel sketch 1 Follow me on instagram for more. https://www.instagram.com/ajrhinoart/
Bierstadt Day 34
Day 34. It is definitely improving. I worked on the left cliff/mountain today.
My Last finished Painting.
Owen Benjamin and Vox Day helped me find God again and I'm forever grateful. Ignore the noise. Ignore the despair merchants. Find Logos and explore your creativity.
Jesse Lee Peterson is literally helping young men achieve greatness. He is a very Wise man. These are the only people I pay attention to these days. No more whining about leftists. I'm on a never ending quest to create beautiful works of art. One day...I will. Thanks for stopping by. Oh...Gamma bitches get the ban hammer.
Moonlight Sonata- gouache
Did this while listening to one of Owen's piano streams.
This is an opaque watercolor (gouache)
Fun With Finger Painting Episode 2
Episode 2. Thanks to all the bears that hung out with me and congrats to Kodiak for buying his new home and I hope he enjoys this painting.
Fun With Fingerpainting Ep 1
Finger Painting Supplies
Here is a link to Water Based Oil Paint. These dilute with water and have very similar properties to oil paint. This is an inexpensive starter set and all you will need to paint along.


This is a pad of 10 canvas sheets.


This is enough to do your first finger painting and I really hope to get a few people following along. You WILL BE AMAZED AT WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO WHEN YOU TRY! Create beauty. God is good and Logos is RISING! Thank you to everyone!!!
24x36" Oil on Canvas
This is the last painting I finished. It was sold to a happy client and was the most satisfying money I've ever made. My mission is to create beautiful paintings. I have a long way to go, but this is what I believe God wants me to do.
Finger Painting from last year.
Finger painting