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In South Africa. The town of Pietermaritzburg had an Indian segregated community called Northdale. Mom worked as a nurse at Northdale hospital where I was later born.

I grew up with many family and friends before moving to what we considered the ‘city’ from our small town located just minutes away.

I remember one school morning I arrived earlier than most and watched my friends walking in from a hill I was perched and quietly shed a tear from the sudden realization that all life on earth is temporary and soon things would inevitably change. I was nine, and the next year my family and I moved to Durban the coastal beach town of South Africa’s east coast.

Learning to grow in this new community challenged me but also allowed me to make new friends that shared vastly different ideas on the world and how it works.

High school was very structured and separated from the girls high school down the street. I swear we were groomed to become future billionaires by the ritualistic approach to respect for ones self and those around you. I’m happy to still be friends with most people I met throughout this time.

Leaving South Africa for the United States almost tore my family apart during the immigration process. Heartbreaking as it was to not see my Mom, Brother & Sister for months not knowing what’s going to happen eventually subsided when everything worked out and we were altogether again before I went off to college.

College was interesting and my favorite classes were business simply because of the people. We learned a combination of trading stocks to the fundamentals of graffiti whenever I sat next to friends.

Soon after I ventured away to join the United States Air Force and became a combat medic. I quickly overcame the sight of blood when the workload of people piled on and we were the only ones on staff. My confidence boosted when we became IV sure sticks working on the ward which allowed me to train others (A Squad – Represent).

Moving forward I accepted a position working in the mail room of a top secret research lab with a brilliant set of individuals. These scientific conversations alone truly opened my eyes to the reality around us. This set me on the path to discover the truth to existence. The game of life to be played. Learning about the ascension process and meditation.

Since I started this streaming journey I’ve been grateful for all the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Cheers to many more great conversations.
There is only one rule to this channel. Be respectful to everyone! Without respect, chaos takes hold.

My streaming schedule is random while I get used to this platform. Once comfortable with streaming I will adapt to a consistent schedule.

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