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About Me/Goals
Im currently streaming glass art. I use a a torch and turn raw glass into artwork. My passions are ranked Glass, Dogs and Games. I am currently trying to become a variety streamer with glass work being the focus but id love to share my ultra casual gaming skills with you as well. I have hit a bottleneck streaming my PS4 if you can help me assess and fix the problem there is free glass in it for you as well. I also do some IRL streaming with a goal to do more.
Because I believe in full transparency you can see my reputation and lino blockchain history here: (I will also be creating Bot Alerts for them below)

Also i encourage you to join my discord. I have created to channels one for smaller streamers to self promote in and one for verified streamers that give back a chance to do the same. Also you can discuss any glass you would like to purchase through discord if you like.

You can also help me by following me on any or all social media !d like feed back on creating a patreon page, Im not sure how its viewed by the people who would watch this. That being said I just jumped to artist full time so I could use a patron.

Thanks for being here and enjoying my passion with me.

Room Rules:


2)Ask about chest you get one warning and then you get muted and banned.

3) No beatboxing, Its hard enough to keep up with chat without burning myself, Id like to keep the chat relevant to the conversation at hand, and I have to look away from my work to do so.
So I need give a shout out to for taking the time to teach me what I need to know about van living and converting my van for such. Please give here a follow!

So im happy to say that banshee_glass has given me permission to utilize his ever growing tutorial vids Please show him love here:

I have been given express permission to stream and comment on some amazing tutorial videos made by a friend and colleague . Hes and and his wife are an amazing team of artists and they makes some amazing collectible marbles. Occasionally you will see me watching one of his videos in an attempt to learn some of his techniques. I will then try to apply them to the next stream. I do this because this is an important part of learning glass if you dont have a mentor. Please give follow their social media and subscribe to his channel. Links below. Also comment on his vids telling him to come here and share his passion!
All donations will go to create a better stream for you the viewers anything above a diamond will be split 50/50 with the pot.

If youre a cryto guy or girl your can contribute via these addresses:
BTC: 3C1QTNknRYKUrn1Xpov7WfaePsApkr1qRD
ETH: 0xf0fce36bd86d5164720d8C82714629cC8e8D3F54

For those that want to contribute more directly or maybe dont want to be involved fully with lino you can send donations directly through the other source my email is .

I have also created a wish list through amazon. I have gotten out of the rat race and i am pursuing my passion which leaves little extra funds to really make this stream professional. If you feel like helping you can do so anonymously or id be more than happy to shout your generosity to heavens.
Here is a link, ive left it editable if you think of something to improve my stream that I havent thought of yet.

Top Patrons

Please also follow my top contributors: (Ill do my best to keep this updated.)
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inini - teaching me about van linving
!rep - shows my current reputation and blockchain for transparency.