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Hello and welcome to my channel my name is Rman. I tend to mostly play games such as RPG's and creative builders and every so often do random dumb challenges in games.
I will always stream at the times below unless i say otherwise in chat or on twitter.

May be a little late or early who knows really

Mon 10 AM ADT
Tue 10 AM ADT
Wed 10 AM ADT
Thu 10 AM ADT
Fri 10 AM ADT
Sat No Stream
Sun No Stream
-Be respectful to each other in the chat we are here to have fun not start fights.

-No racial slurs or sexist remarks or you will be immediately banned.

-Chest will be opened at the end of the week so don't ask.

-Don't spam stickers unless you are told to

-Try not to spam the attention command that is just for letting me know i missed something.

-We need someone to rickroll at least once a stream.
-!uptime - How long the stream has been going for.
-!8ball (Question) - For random yes no answers

Points Commands
-!points (points you have)
-!leaderboard (who has the most points)
-!waste20donkey (Cost 20 you waste Donkeys)
-!waste200donkey (Cost 200 you waste donkeys)
-!waste2000donkey (Cost 2000 you waste donkeys)
-!creeperhiss (Cost 40 Donkeys make creeper noises)
-!attention (Cost 0 use this to get my attention if i missed something)
-!hydrate (Cost 100 make me drink)
-!namepet (Cost 500 name a in game pet)

Point Commands (Challenges Only)
-!changevoicecommand (Cost 300 change voice command to something else)
-!feedpets (Cost 100 make me feed my in game pets)