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Announcement 2021 01 16th, Saturday, MST
If i remember correctly, Davy Crocket said these words when congress decided to betray some Indians, and while Texas was outside our Union of States: "Y'all can go to Hell; i'm going to Texas."

Well, Gab has a Vod (video on demand) platform, & has weathered N.W.O. racketeering. And maybe you know the recent news about DLive.
DLive can go to Hell; i'm going to Gab TV. I don't care that it isn't livestream, yet. DLive has crossed a line beyond a line beyond a line. Their old "X-tag" policy was stupid & blasphemous enough. Problem #1, the name "X-tag" made many people confuse it for "X rated". So, if you were a bit controversial (i.e. not their side of the controversy), then people hid you like they filter out hard core porn.
Problem#2, X-tag was too broad, filtering out truly naughty stuff along with stuff that some people might find merely controversial.
Problem#3. One of those controversial things was religion. Now atheists can passionately deny it all day long, but there is no morality apart from the uncaused Creator & Supreme Being. The godless truth-claim systems might imitate morality with mutually assured selfish interest. Or, they might imitate morality with idolatry (misplaced God-high esteem) in human beings. Morality just is the same way God just is, because it is an attribute of God. If you have some uncaused causation, unbound by the law of cause-and-effect, to exist, then it also is unbound by this law to be great. Morality just is the nature of the God named I-Am, which is the name he told Moses, but in such a way as to have no time-tense in Hebrew, i'm told. But i bring that up, because along with lust and bad things, DLive's X-Tag treated the very source and definition of moral rightness as dirty as sins.

Now, X-Tagged streamers can't even get lemon (DLive "bitties").
I'll visit people on DLive. But i plan to stream no more on it.
DLive can go to Hell; i'm going to Gab TV.
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Importance of having the right Gospel:
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The most unique streamer i know of. A candid and yet considerate person. She's educated with a masters degree, but Not a brain washed pawn of academia. If i ain't modding her livestream, there is a 99% chance i ain't online at all. I glory that i am on her team:

For someone who isn't in it for the money, this next streamer is bafflingly professional! A very positive, uplifting atmosphere, retro games, and of course a love for people. He is also a great visitor to have in chat:

Insightful commentary on news and history. This is news and history that Mocking Bird propaganda would like to hide from you. Yet in all that seriousness, Aaron hasn't become sour. He can be good for your mood, even when his news and the world are a train-wreck: .
(Disclaimer: Recommendations (a.k.a. rex'ommendations) do Not necessarily mean agreement.)
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The philosopher, taxidermist, jewelry maker, bicyclist, ex-hobo: .

One of the first people to make me a mod. Imagine a warm day with cold lemonade. Because, this warm heart has a chill atmosphere:
Don't mistake my recommendations as approval for everything they say or do. Because, i don't know everything about any person.
A sweet chill personality. I ain't a fan of the horror games she sometimes plays, but i'm still a fan of hers. Smoshy is a friendly, lighthearted person and genuinely enjoyable to be around.

I can't make any promises about this next one. But that's probably what makes her so interesting. She is an unusual combination of ——. Yes. She is an unusual combination. No risk = no reward. So brave up & check out LilacLite!
Don't mistake my recommendations as approval for everything they say or do. Because, i don't know everything about any person.
This easy going man is meek (able to take a hit), and is very interested in networking good livestreamers together. If this guy is your friend, you have an ally. Be sure to respect and be friendly to: .
I'm Tofer, but you can call me Roaring or T.Rex.
I was born 1983-4-26th in Texas. Lived in Fresno, CA for most of my single digit years. And i have been in the Tucson, Arizona area for more than half my life.

"Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." - John 3:3 KJV. I was born again in the spirit when i was 6 years old. Some people belittle that, but the Holy Spirit gave me wisdom beyond my years that impressed adults, even including my pastor. Christianity isn't only an opinion. It is a state of being unified with God; we are in Christ.

But, of course, i have a will of my own, and i have done plenty of foolish things, and have sinned a bunch too. I am weak to certain temptations more than others. But my sins aren't a license for you, and your sins aren't a license for me. "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:" —Hebrews 10:24 KJV.

I was homeschooled for most of my education before college. I got my associates in business with a specialty in marketing. I mostly learned that i really hate marketing. But i stuck with it, and got my degree. I haven't used it. Now, i'm clipping grass and branches at a golf club, burning calories, under middle class, but enjoying life.

Early July 2011, i was baptized for a 2nd time. I thought my 1st time as a child was done for a lame reason. But anyway, in 2011, my pastor baptized me. At that time my pastor prayed that i better distinguish what is God talking to me from what isn't God. By late August 2014 he put me in a dilemma: either leave, or quit telling people about the King James Version of the Holy Bible. In other words, God answered his prayer in a way he didn't expect.
more than a username:
During my high school days, some church friends and i were playing a game involving animal-noises. Many options were being taken up, so i did an imitation of the T.rex from "Jurassic Park". They thought it was hilarious or cool, and made me do it over and over. About that time, i made "Roaring T Rex" my username. I did it on a blog site that predated Facebook and Myspace, Xanga. I kept the username, after Xanga, for a different reason. Now it is a reference to the roaring evidence from a T.rex. It is evidence that the Earth is only thousands of years old: T.rex blood. The greatest discovery in paleontology is admitted, but publicized to no one. You didn't know that a Deep Time, Old Earther, Dr. Mary Schweitzer found tyrannosaurus blood; did you? You can search it online on or google. Here is an old article on it . Dr. Mary Schweitzer is in such denial over what this means, that she thinks iron can preserve blood for millions of years. There is no excuse to believe the Earth is millions or billions of years old anymore. The evidence is figuratively though veritably roaring: The Bible has been right all along.