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About This Stream
This stream is an extension of ETN YouTube Channel which you can find a link to above. My Stream is mainly a live podcast for the first half hour to an hour depending on the topics, and then the last portion of the stream is chat interaction.
As for My YouTube Channel, It's primarily a Vlog regarding entertainment. Movies, Shows, Reviews and some gaming content.I always take video request if it's a topic i know i can provide excellent commentary and information as well as an objective opinion.
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Thank you in advance for you generosity in helping maintain the channel.
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Above you can find a link to the ETN page. Here you can interact with me as well as get updates on new content on the YouTube channel or stream schedule changes.
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A Community of Entertainment lovers who love to discuss their favorite entertainment related topics from games, movies, to tv shows. If you love Godzilla and DaiKaiju, you will love it here as well. Also a good place to reach out to me outside of twitch and YouTube.
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Channel Consist of Reviews of Shows and Movies As well as Discussion/Commentary of topics related to all forms of entertainment including games, movies, shows, wrestling and entertainment related events and news. I also like to discuss what i call fringe entertainment meaning things like cryptozoology and conspiracy theories as I find those entertaining as well.
Stream Schedule
Streams are Wednesday Through Saturday 9pm Simulcasted on Twitch, YouTube, DLive and Mixer. Links below.

This will be updated over time as questions come up via chat and social media platforms.