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Every one knows me online As Ronin, Or Roninwelsh. 42 and Live in Illinois . Just a laid back kind of person who enjoys making people Smile. Also i am willing to help when and where i can.

I have always had a knack for anything electronic, First love was computers when i was about 14, built my first gaming rig . eventually i got into the original NES and everything there after. Ill play just about ANY game and be fairly decent at it even if its the first time i pick up the controller. I WILL not play sports games tho as its Does not interest me and they are hard to get into.

Currently my game of choice is Old School RuneScape. Really don't play to much of anything else as i don't have a whole lot of friends to play with. Maybe i'm just not playing with the right kind of people. who knows. But this may change when i start to get noticed in my Streams.

I my self want to get better At Gaming and Streaming, But i am sadly not very good at both and need a little help with set up

Other then that i'm just an average person who loves to play games. Working full time, And has 3 Children

Fair warning i don't have a big setup like the more popular streamers , and PC anymore is lacking to play the bigger high end games. so don't expect a whole lot of flashiness untill i can afford to build a bigger Computer gaming Rig.
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New Gaming Rig, Wish List
This is my wish list for a New Stream and game set up.
1. This is the most important rule. HAVE FUN
2. Dont be toxic, abusive, no trolls. Treat others how you would want to be treated
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