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a veteran caster on various websites on and off for over a decade, live-streamed video games, art, music, sometimes video editing and even some mukbang (social eating), just for fun and making use of technologies available ⋮ big fan of Nintendo and Nokia, horror (films and games), Trance and synthwave music, 90s-00s era Asian pop (K-pop, J-pop, Thai pop, etc.)

Back in 2008, I live-streamed Wii games such as LostWinds (WiiWare title when it launched in North America), Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario RPG (Virtual Console release), SIREN: Blood Curse (PS3/PSN), Resident Evil 4: Wii edition, and was one of the world's first to play and stream Animal Crossing: City Folk (November 12, 2008) a few days before it launched.
Since then I continued to broadcast video games and art on lots of streaming sites from time to time every year while also putting out content (mostly gameplay footage) on YouTube (since 2006). I did it as hobby and to document the footage for myself. I've made quite a few online friends along the way.

I also do art, both traditional and digital (and stream them sometimes). Without a proper webcam, it can be difficult so I use an old phone or whatever I have to record it.
Fun fact: I've also written music for an indie game called Xeodrifter.

I built my computer in 2007, so a lot of the hardware is outdated (Q6600 Core 2 Quad w/ N680i motherboard). Now I managed to swap out the video card (8800 GTS to GTX 1060) and HDD upgraded to an SSD with Windows 10. My friend sent me a Switch and Elgato HD60 in April 2020. Until I make a new build, we'll have to settle for a lot of game lag and freezes during streams. Also, without a proper internet service at home, there may a lot of disconnects happening during stream, and I apologize for that in advance.

If you have any questions about me or the early haydays of live-streaming before it became popular, feel free to ask!
Past Streamed Games
🐤 = original Tweet
📺 = archived footage
🌐 = first in the world streamed (on or before launch date)


LostWinds (WiiWare launch North America) [url=]🐤[/url]📺🌐
Mario Kart Wii 🐤
Super Smash Bros. Brawl 🐤
SIREN: Blood Curse 🐤🌐
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition 🐤
Super Mario RPG (Wii Virtual Console) 🐤🌐
Animal Crossing: City Folk 🐤📺🌐
Wii Speak Channel 📺


MadWorld 📺
Plants vs Zombies 📺
Killing Floor (Steam launch) 🐤🌐
Bomberman Ultra
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 🐤📺🌐
The Conduit 🐤🌐
Wii Sports Resort 📺🌐
Cursed Mountain 🐤📺🌐
LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias 🐤🌐
Excitebike: World Rally 🐤🌐
No More Heroes 📺
Left 4 Dead 2 🐤


digital art (Red Steel 2 fan art)
Calling 🐤🌐
Fragile Dreams 🐤🐤🌐
Monster Hunter Tri

2011 ~



Torchlight 2
Prime World (May 19th)
Borderlands 2 (Nov 11th)
digital art (original art - "angel wave")
QWOP (Dec 10th)
Dead Space 2 (Dec 14th)
Dead Island (Dec 25th)


digital art (Tingle Tuner, Pac-Man Ryu, Bad Milo, Harry Potter vs Jaws, Shovel Knight fan art)
The Walking Dead (Feb 3rd)
Dota 2 Wraith Night (Dec 22nd)

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