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[LIVE] Real Time Counter, World Map - WUHAN Novel Coronavirus [ LIVE COUNTER, NEWS AND WORLD MAP ]
Welcome to my channel. The aim of MC Paradox_YT is to keep people around the world informed and up to date on the spread of the new family of the Coronavirus strain, designated - COVID-19, more commonly known as the Novel Coronavirus. It was first discovered in late in Wuhan China, the capital of China's Hubei province, after people started feeling unwell and many patients developing Coronavirus related Pneumonia, at the time the cause of the outbreak was unclear, and for which medication had no effect. Now dozens of cases of the Coronavirus infection have also been confirmed in several countries, categorised into six categories: Asia-Pacific region Coronavirus, European Coronavirus, North America USA Coronavirus, Middle East Coronavirus, Russia Coronavirus and finally Rest of the World Coronavirus. The virus is now well established and is transmitted by human to human contact. Our aim at MC Paradox_YT is to bring you minute by minute information using the Coronavirus Real Time Live Updater and the Coronavirus World Map. There are two maps the first is a Map of confirmed cases of Coronavirus and the Map of Suspected Cases of Coronavirus. Not only can you see the Coronaviruses movement in red on the map, but we also have a map that predicts, on the best evidence we have available, where the virus is likely to head next, this is in blue. At the bottom of the screen you will see there is a horizontal scrolling bar with Coronavirus breaking news and updates from around the world. We hope that you appreciate our efforts to keep you informed and up to date with what is going on concerning the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.
With 80,000 infected cases of Coronavirus by early February, the Coronavirus shows little sign of abating and now several countries across Europe, North America and especially the Asia-Pacific are reporting an increasing number of cases. It is believed the Coronavirus incubation period, the time it takes for Coronavirus symptoms to show, ranges from 2 to 14 days, and the evidence suggests it is contagious during this period and may well still be contagious several days after recovery. Coronavirus Symptoms: fever, coughing and breathing problems.

As of - 18 - February - 2020, there were approximately - 80,000 - confirmed Coronavirus cases have been confirmed. The first confirmed death occurred on - 9 January and since then, as of - 3 -
February - 2020 , 1,775 - deaths have been confirmed. It is believed there are a far greater number of people who have been infected, but due to the sheer enormity of the outbreak and the fact symptoms do not manifest early, detecting the Coronavirus has become problematic, especially in mild cases, where symptoms of pneumonia for example can go undetected as the victim may not show signs.
The first case outside China was in Vietnam from a father to his son. The first transmission outside Asia was in Europe involving a non-family transmission in Germany on - 22 - January, when a Chinese business person travelled to a conference in Munich German where a man contracted the disease.

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