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Welcome to my stream! If you have any suggestions, should it be song requests, game requests, or you just want to join in with whatever it is we're playing, just drop a line in chat!
Rules: (mostly common sense, don't worry we give warnings :)

- Do not be rude to people (swearing is allowed however, just try not to be negative to people) I'm aware this rule is fairly subjective so there will be some leeway and warnings will be handed out first.

- If I am playing a game for the first time, and I have not asked for help from chat, please do not spoil things! (I know you have good intentions at heart, but it can ruin the game!).

- don't ask about chest please :) it's usually opened towards the end of the stream! (if I see you're new to the stream, and this is the first thing that comes out your mouth, you will receive a timeout).

- I don't like setting rules, initially we had none, I tend to set them as they go and as they become necessary, so please don't do anything that results in me having to add to this list! thanks!

- Besides the above, it's there's not much else I ask of you, it's all pretty common sense, and if you wonder why I don't like putting rules until necessary, it's simply because I believe in having as few filters as possible!

- Have fun!!!!!
Currently you can expect for me to be playing a lot of :
- Satisfactory
- Minecraft Hardcore mode
- Dauntless
- Rust
- Any suggestions you guys have
- (setting up VR for future streams)
Feel free to join the discord! -

Thanks for dropping by ! It's much appreciated! :)